The Backpacker- 2 Liter: Treat Water With Sunlight!



 The Backpacker is a 2 liter solar disinfection water reservoir designed to work with hydration compatable backpacks. 
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The Backpacker is a 2 liter, microbe eliminating workhorse.  Designed to work with hydration compatible backpacks, this reservoir is versatile and easy to use.

Just fill with lake or stream water, place in the sunlight, and this bag will treat your water making it safe to drink.  Full water treatment instructions included on each bag.

  • Full open top for quick filling and easy cleaning
  • Slide closure top handle that can be placed anywhere along the length of the bag
  • Easy carry corner handle
  • Removable pop up drink spout
  • Space age tripple laminate plastic technology for durability against UV damage
  • Reflective back for solar water disinfection
  • Full detailed solar water treatment instructions printed on the back of each bag

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Weight 3.1 oz
Dimensions 13 × 8 × .5 in

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