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Warranty & Warnings:

All Tortoise Gear products are warranted against manufacturer defects for the life of the product.  This warranty does not include accidental breakage.  This warranty does not cover wear from use as these products are consumables, a worn used product will not be refunded.

The Firefly is designed with strong ferrocerium but it is still very thin and fragile and will break if not used properlyRead the following carefully to prevent accidental breakage or damage from product misuse.  Tortoise Gear will not be held liable for bodily injury or other damage caused by use or misuse of its products.

The Firefly is a unique product that sparks VERY easily, only minimal side pressure should be used while sparking.  If you find that you have to push hard against it to create sparks then sharpen the edge of the tool you are using or find a sharper tool.  It should NOT be struck hard like a regular thick ferrocerium or firesteel rod like many people are accustom to using, the Firefly is a completely different tool.  See full usage instructions below.


The Firefly is designed to work with any modern Victorinox brand Swiss Army Knife that has a toothpick slot in the scale.

Regular Size Firefly – compatible with any knife model with a toothpick in the following knife sizes: 84mm, 85mm, 91mm, 111mm, and 130mm 

Some knife models with contoured handles such as the RangerGrip and EvoGrip knives have narrowed toothpick slots toward the end.  The Firefly MUST be modified to be slightly shorter with these knives.  This is a simple and quick fix that involves trimming a few mm’s off of the Firefly with wire cutters.  See the “Tips and Tricks” video below at 3:55 for video instruction on how to do this.  NEVER force the Firefly into a toothpick slot or it can become stuck and you may break the tip off trying to get it out, this will void your warranty!

Mini Size Firefly compatible with any knife model with a toothpick in the following sizes: 58mm, 65mm, 74mm, and Swiss Cards

These knife sizes have toothpick slots that vary considerably in width from the factory.  This can cause the Firefly Mini to fit very tightly in some knives and very loosely in others.  If the fit is too tight you can rub the Firefly Mini onto some sand paper on the bottom side to thin it slightly for a better fit.  If the fit is too loose there is an easy fix to get the Firefly to fit snugly.  Just add a dab of super glue to the Firefly Mini rod just under the plastic tip and let it dry.  Once the dot of super glue is dry it will create a bump on the Firefly that will cause it to fit more snugly in the knife.  This can be done multiple times to build up a larger bump to tailor a desired fit.  Make SURE the glue is dry before you fit test it in the knife.  Video instruction on how to do this can be found in the “Tips and Tricks” video below at 3:19.

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