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  1. Great small emergency backup ferro rod. About time SAK owners had this option.

  2. So far with the Fireflys I’ve been able to light TWO outdoor grills with corroded igniters (thereby saving TWO summer cookouts) and bewildered one exchange student from China who didn’t think a Swiss Army Knife could start a fire. Plus they came through when I needed to burn old receipts in my driveway so I didn’t have to worry about shredding them. These things need to be standard issue with every SAK.

  3. These are so innovative and practical I can’t believe it took this long to invent them. I have carried a SAK for more than forty years and still carry it daily. Now after the purchase of the Firefly Ferro Rod I feel I’m totally prepared. Will they replace a standard Ferro Rod? No, but this Firefly will be with me everyday, all day. They produce surprisingly hot sparks with little pressure. They seem a little thin and could be prone to break but so far so good. Excellent product and emergency backup.

  4. Great little ferro rod does the job very well and is on my side every where I go

  5. Hello! I want to ask when the 3 pack firefly (big size) will be available for re-purchase?

  6. is this compatible with the SAK huntsman?

  7. What a great idea! Was sent here by Felix Immler on YouTube, who seems to like your product as well! Wishing you the best.

  8. I have received the ordered fireant :-)) is amazing I recommend it to all ovners of Victorinox pocket knives they must have this miracle 😉
    Piotr from Poland

  9. I have waited a while to receive the FireAnt pack that I ordered on Indiegogo early last year but it arrived today! Took a while to get to New Zealand! Very impressed with the size & professional packaging & quality of the items within. I carry a Victorinox “Outrider” as part of my EDC and this awesome product means I can easily carry an additional means of starting fire (which I would need very infrequently but deem important) without any extra bulk in my pockets & negligible weight as well. Great work Tortoise Gear, a great product which I know has been along time coming but very much worth the wait. All the best, Regan.

  10. Bonjour je voudrais un paquet de 3 s’il vous plaît

  11. I have 2 questions:
    1) DO you ship to New Zealand??
    2) What size do I need for a Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife?

  12. I ordered the FireAnt for my Swiss Army Knife and was so impressed that I got additional Helix Tinder and the Firefly. I use the FireAnt and orange tinder as my main fire starting items when camping. I now can have a complete fire kit on my knife. I am so glad I found your company. Thanks again for a fantastic product!!!!!

  13. ordered Firefly 8 Regular Pack – Neon Green Glow × 1
    Firefly Variety 8 Pack


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