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Firefly is tailor made to replace the toothpick in a Victorinox Swiss Army knife (SAK) or tool.  A perfect EDC fire starter!

3 x Regular Firefly(large) – For medium and large sized Swiss Army knives with 50 mm (slanted top) toothpicks. 

  • Glow in the dark top.   
  • Custom sparking material twice as easy to spark as a typical firesteel / ferrocerium.
  • 140% stronger than typical firesteel / ferrocerium.
  • Soft sparking steel, so it is less brittle and can be easily used with any sharp edged stainless tool on the Swiss Army Knife. 
  • Comes in neon green-yellow glow and classic ivory glow.

*Needs to be trimmed slightly to fit the Evogrip and Rangergrip knife models*

Don’t forget to get some Helix Tinder as well to put a complete waterproof fire starting system in your pocket!

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The Firefly instantly replaces the toothpick with a fire starter.  The Firefly is a perfect micro EDC fire starter and if you already carry a Swiss Army knife it takes up ZERO extra pocket space!   

Our custom sparking material is super easy to spark and throws large hot sparks effective for lighting all types of tinder.  This sparking material is 140% stronger than typical firesteel / ferrocerium with a lower hardness so it’s easier on your stainless knife tools.  

Firefly comes in two sizes and two tip colors: 

Be sure to get the right size for your knives.  We carry a variety of pack sizes and combinations.

Regular Firefly(large) – is designed for medium and large sized Swiss Army knives with 50 mm toothpicks. 

Firefly Mini – fits smaller and Classic key chain style knives including the Swiss Card with 45 mm toothpicks

FireFly comes in either bright neon green-yellow glow or classic ivory glow.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Tip Color

Neon Green Glow, Classic Ivory Glow

  13 Responses to “Firefly 3 Pack”

  1. Great small emergency backup ferro rod. About time SAK owners had this option.

  2. So far with the Fireflys I’ve been able to light TWO outdoor grills with corroded igniters (thereby saving TWO summer cookouts) and bewildered one exchange student from China who didn’t think a Swiss Army Knife could start a fire. Plus they came through when I needed to burn old receipts in my driveway so I didn’t have to worry about shredding them. These things need to be standard issue with every SAK.

  3. These are so innovative and practical I can’t believe it took this long to invent them. I have carried a SAK for more than forty years and still carry it daily. Now after the purchase of the Firefly Ferro Rod I feel I’m totally prepared. Will they replace a standard Ferro Rod? No, but this Firefly will be with me everyday, all day. They produce surprisingly hot sparks with little pressure. They seem a little thin and could be prone to break but so far so good. Excellent product and emergency backup.

  4. Great little ferro rod does the job very well and is on my side every where I go

  5. Hello! I want to ask when the 3 pack firefly (big size) will be available for re-purchase?

  6. is this compatible with the SAK huntsman?

  7. What a great idea! Was sent here by Felix Immler on YouTube, who seems to like your product as well! Wishing you the best.


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