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SOL bags are designed for SOLar disinfection of water and are the most effective solar water treatment container available. SOL bags are a perfect addition to any survival kit, bug-out-bag, or EDC kit. This variety pack contains 1 of each style of SOL water bags.

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The SOL variety pack consists of 1 of each size of SOL water bags.

The Survivalist Bag Ultralight, super small, stows completely flat, and can be folded to fit into the smallest of survival kits. It has a 1 liter capacity, is free-standing, and has a full zip top closure. Quick scoop handles are built into the top for easy carrying and rapid collection of water.
The Day Tripper Rugged bag designed specifically for daily drinking water use and solar water disinfection. It has a 1 liter capacity, pop-up drink spout, and an ergonomic carry handle at the top corner allows for easy carrying, pouring, and clipping onto gear. The threaded spout opening is compatible with any commercially available threaded drink tube and many commercially available water filters.

The Backpacker 2 liter reservoir designed specifically for use in hydration compatible backpacks and has the additional advantage of solar water treatment capability built in. It comes with a full zip top closure for quick and easy water collection and bag cleaning. The additional slide top closure device provides a strong water tight seal and a foldable carrying handle that can be used to attach to hydration compatible backpacks.

More About SOL Bags Verified with laboratory testing, our plastic blend is completely non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals such as BPA, lead, mercury, or phthalates leaching into your drinking water. Laboratory testing has shown the SOL Water bags to be over 100% more efficient at treating contaminated water than conventional solar water treatment containers. The SOL logo printed on the inside of each bag works as a calibrated water cloudiness meter for effective treatment of cloudy water.


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