Helix Tinder for Firefly



8 Pack Firefly Helix Tinder- for use with the Firefly toothpick fire starter.  Fills the entire corkscrew.

Helix Tinder is a waterproof fire lighting tinder that fits into the Victorinox Swiss Army corkscrew.  Indefinite shelf life, non-toxic, and won’t melt in your pocket.  Waterproof even after being submerged in water for weeks.

One Helix Tinder can be cut or pulled into pieces and used multiple times.

Helix Tinder comes in two types:

  • Regular Orange: High visibility waterproof tinder.  Has an even and reliable burn.  Lasts approx. 1.5-2 min. depending on conditions.
  • Tactical Gray:  Low profile color, waterproof AND windproof tinder.  Has a more unpredictable burn rate especially in windy conditions where it will burn hotter and faster.  Lasts approx. 0.5-1.5 min. depending on conditions.

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One Helix Tinder can be used several times.

Tactical Helix Tinder windproof demonstration.

Waterproof Demonstration.

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Weight 1 oz

High Visibility Orange, Tactical Gray


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