Unfortunately this aid project was never funded, but we are currently talking with disaster relief / humanitarian agencies to spread awareness about this technology in hopes that it will be used to save lives in the future.  You can still donate to this cause below.  Any amount helps to further the cause.  Thank you! 

What is PROJECT : SOL Water?

At the heart of SOL Water we plan to use our bag technology to make the world a better place. With their unique technology and design, our SOL reservoirs can be a powerful tool to help others in need.


   When empty, our SOL reservoirs can be shipped to an area easily at very little cost compared to pre-filled water bottles. Upon arrival they can be filled and distributed to disaster striken areas nearby. After the inital water has been used, the bag can be re-used, following the directions on the back, to collect and treat water over and over every day for many months if needed.

Not only could these bags be re-used continuously, but they could save thousands of dollars in transport costs and drastically reduce dispersal times.  This technology will save lives and drastically reduce thes spread of diseases like cholera in disaster stricken and impoverished areas.

   We have set up a donation portal so that an entire box of 100 Day Tripper bags can be sponsored by individuals wishing to help out those in need.  Individuals can be directly responsible for helping hundreds obtain safe drinking water after a disaster strikes.  After a full box is sponsored ($500), we will package and ship it for free to a worthy non-profit disaster relief, or humanitarian organization.  So you can be assured that your donation is going to a good cause, we will provide updated information about where these boxes are being sent and how they are being used along with picture updates if possible.

Donation:  Click on one of the links below or follow instructions to donate.  We can accept donations through PayPal and all major credit cards at the link below, a paypal account is not necessary.



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