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Only available through Tortoise Gear – these are our exclusive custom knife scale(handle) designs.  We are offering these factory made custom scale prints on some of our favorite 91 mm knife models.  These models work great with both the FireAnt and the Firefly.

Custom Artwork Choices:  Pick your favorite knife scale artwork design(s).

  • The NutSAK (Swiss Army Knife) – Well now, how’s that for a conversation starter…?
  • Morse Code – Now you can have Morse Code on your knife for a quick reference if you want to learn it and use it.  Who knows… you might need it soon.  Perfect for scouts groups, especially when paired with a FireAnt or Firefly.
  • Campfire – A beautiful design that fits the new function.
  • Squatch – Bigfoot on your knife.  Sport it, Squatch would be proud!

Knife Model Choices:  The knife scale artwork you choose will be placed on the Swiss Army Knife model you choose.

  • Camper – A good small and inexpensive base knife with large blade, small blade, saw, corkscrew, and several other tools.
  • Huntsman – Like the Camper, but adds scissors and a back hook.
  • Handyman – Like the Huntsman but adds pliers, a file, and several other small tools.
  • Swisschamp – A big knife with all sorts of tools…  too many to list here.  This one is loaded!



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The NutSAK, Morse Code, Campfire, Squatch

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Camper, Huntsman, Handyman, Swisschamp

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