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Firefly is a tailor made fire starter for your Swiss Army Knife (SAK). A perfect EDC fire starter. 

Firefly Mini 3 Pack = Firefly Mini x 3

The Firefly Mini is designed to fit smaller Swiss Army Knives with 45mm toothpicks.  The Firefly Mini will fit in the toothpick slot or the tweezers slot.

This is a pre-order item with an expected delivery of April 2018.

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Product Description

The Firefly is tailor made to replace the toothpick in a Swiss Army knife or tool, it is plug-and-play, and no knife modifications are required. 

The Firefly Mini is designed for smaller and Classic key chain style knives.   This size also fits in the Swiss Card.  The thumbnail grip on the end of the Firefly is glow in the dark.   The custom mixed sparking material is about twice as easy to spark as a typical firesteel / ferrocerium rod and is designed to be a soft sparking steel, so it can be easily used with any sharp edged tool on the Swiss Army Knife.  Pack of 3.  Select either the standard neon green glow end or ivory glow end.

Please note:  This is a pre-ordered item.  Items are expected to begin shipping in April, 2018.

If you have a Firefly item in your order your entire order will not ship out until the Fireflies are shipped.



Additional Information

Weight 3 oz
Tip Color

Neon Green Glow, Classic Ivory Glow