1/20/17  Thanks to our many investors our Kickstarter SOL Water project is complete and rewards have been shipped out to everyone!

Thanks to the support from hundreds of investors the SOL Water product line is complete and now available for purchase immediately!  Now anyone can own this amazing solar water treatment technology.

Laboratory tests have been performed on our production SOL Water bags and the results are amazing! 

Calculations from previous testing of our special laminate plastics technology and bag design showed that we could likely achieve 94% greater efficiency than a conventional solar water treatment container with optimal treatment conditions.

Here comes the technical jargon…

We wanted to test this hypothesis by super inoculating a water sample with coliforms (bad bacteria like E. Coli and enterococci that cause illness) to the point where we would not be able to kill all of the organisms.  This way we could measure how much more effective our SOL technology is compared to the conventionally tested containers.  Also, we chose to do our testing with adequate, but far less than optimal treatment conditions to be sure that we wouldn’t kill all of the organisms in the super inoculated water samples.


Our seeder inoculant was mixed into a master water batch and this mixture was then divided into separate testing containers.  The inoculant was so potent that the water was almost too cloudy to see the sun rays on the SOL logo, at which point we would have had to dilute the sample.  To put this in more simple terms, our water test batches were so potent that they were basically like diluted feces.  This is a FAR greater coliform concentration than would be found in any natural lake, stream, or river.  It would actually be like taking water from a sewer tank.


Our test conditions were far less than optimal.  It was performed in the fall season and we are located at a fairly high latitude so the sun is very low on the horizon compared to Summer conditions.  The UV index for our testing day was only 2-4.  The air temperatures for the test day peaked at only 77 degrees F.  We were unable to get in the full 6 hours treatment time due to shading of the test samples that occurred at around 5 hours of treatment time due to the sun going behind the trees.  We had 5-10mph winds that create a cooling effect on the samples.  Our test platform on which the samples were laid was not perpendicular to the sun so we did not achieve full potential solar exposure.  There was a mild amount of smoke in the air due to some control burns nearby.  We did have a nice cloudless sky.


Control sample: We filled a SOL bag with water from the master water batch and left it outside in a shaded area with no sun exposure.  In the laboratory test our control sample had so many living coliform that they were too numerous to count.  The laboratory had to dilute the control sample 100 times (maximum dilution), to get an E. Coli number of approx 242K (top end of readability) and other coliforms were still too numerous to count.  To put this into perspective, previous solar treatment studies with less efficient containers showed that samples with coliform numbers above 242K organisms could not obtain 100% kill rates even with optimal conditions.

New SOL bag samples:  We filled brand new SOL bags with water from the master water batch and exposed them to the solar treatment conditions.  Due to the extremely high coliform count and less than optimal conditions we were expecting to get a number of organisms found after testing, but we were hoping the number would still be fairly low.          The laboratory test results on this water sample showed… drumroll please… ZERO living coliforms, not even a single one!          To be honest, we were a little bit surprised.  This means that our SOL bag technology is SO effective at killing microorganisms that we could not even inoculate the water enough to cause a less than 100% kill rate!  As long as the sun rays on the SOL logo were visible, we could not put enough organisms in to overcome even a fairly inefficient solar treatment.  DO WE SOUND A LITTLE EXCITED!?  WE ARE!  But it gets better…

Old SOL bag samples:  We also took some older SOL bags that have been left outside for months of continuous solar exposure cycles.  These exhibited some yellowing and wear due to prolonged UV exposure.  These were filled with the same water batch and exposed to the same test.  The results… absolutely ZERO organisms were found!  Even older worn SOL bags were so efficient that they achieved a 100% kill rate!

Conventional control sample:  To check effectiveness against known solar treatment containers we used the typically tested water containers for this control.  The container used is only 500ml as compared with the SOL bag which is 1000ml.  This lower water volume allows for greater treatment efficiency with a bottle shape due to a thinner water column allowing for greater UV penetration and less water mass to allow for more rapid heating.  A bottle with a volume of 1000ml would not have been viable for this experiment as the inoculant was so numerous as to make the water too cloudy for a bottle of that thickness.  This sample was exposed to the exact same conditions as the SOL bag samples.  Laboratory testing results of this sample showed that there were numerous E. Coli organisms remaining per 100ml and numerous other coliforms.


Laboratory testing showed that our SOL water treatment technology was FAR more efficient than conventional solar water treatment methods.  Since nothing living was found in our SOL bag samples, it is difficult to calculate exact percentages of efficiency as compared to conventional, but were guessing its probably over 100% more efficient!

Other testing…

Samples were sent to test for the presence of heavy metals and other contaminants in our bag materials.  The results from these tests showed that there were no heavy metals, contaminants, or toxins present in the water from our bags.

10/1/16  SOL Water a Success, but PROJECT: SOL Water Remains Unfunded

Thank you to everyone who pledged and helped to give the SOL Water product line a successful start, the SOL Water product line has been successfully funded thanks to you!

Unfortunately, the SOL Water humanitarian endeavor, PROJECT: SOL Water, was not funded so right now this project cannot move forward.  We will leave this project open just in case anyone decides to fund this endeavor, which you can do by clicking this link HERE.  Also we will be actively spreading the word about the SOL Water technology to humanitarian and disaster relief agencies in hopes that one day these bags will be used to save lives around the world.

7/25/15  SOL Water Bags and PROJECT : SOL Water

We are excited to introduce our first product to the public!  After two years of research, the design, materials, and details of the SOL water reservoirs are complete and we have our first prototype samples to show off.  However, design, prototype testing, advertising, and production of consumer products is expensive so we are reaching out to the KickStarter community to help back the SOL Water bag project.
What is Kickstarter?  Kickstarter is a crowd funding site where you can browse cool new products, inventions, and ideas.  If you like a product for example, you can purchase it before its actually made.  The people who purchase the items or “rewards” are called “backers”.  If funding is successful for that product then the backers get the product they paid for once it is made and the project creators get the capital they need to make the product.  If funding is not successful then backers don’t pay anything, and the product doesn’t get made.  So you’re not donating, you’re actually pre-purchasing a novel product that you would like to have and see made. 
We are also excited to introduce PROJECT : SOL Water.  With this project we intend to bring our water sanitation technology directly to disaster areas to distribute to those in critical need of clean drinking water.  We will be working with non-profit disaster relief agencies to distribute these bags.  With the help of generous KickStarter backers and donors we hope this project will soon become a reality.  
Please visit the PROJECT : SOL Water page to discover how you can help bring clean drinking water to thousands of needy families around the globe.  If you have any questions about the SOL Water sanitation technology please also visit our FAQ: SOL Bags page.  
We want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our future supporters and customers!